In our never ending search for tasty and fun things to bring to you, the time has finally come to launch a sister brand which is focused on BBQ School, original BBQ Products and other exciting sidelines that we'll be working on later this year.

RuralPunkBBQ is now proud to offer THREE bbq seasoning products for you to enjoy. 

'Universal Matter is the original  sweet all purpose BBQ Seasoning Rub which was originally deigned for pulled pork a ribs but is spectacular on anything it touches.


'A-Pollo-11' - which you may guess has been designed with chicken in mind but is also a perfect partner for white fish too!

'BOVINE NEBULA' is new in 2022 and has been designed for big hunks of beef with a big kick of cracked pepper and some other mesmerising ingredients to take your meat right to the edge of the yummyverse!

We continue to be very proud of our partner "The Rusty BBQ Company" who produce and package our rubs and we look forward to strengthening our relationship further in the future.


To place an order please send an email to with your name, email and postal address and how many pouches of rub you would like to purchase at £7.50 per 200g pouch +P&P at £3.20 (Bovine Nebula is £8 per 200g pouch) and we'll send you an invoice and get your order ready to ship.

As the shipping costs are relatively high for a single purchase, why not buy more in one go and share with your friends to make it more cost effective! Up to 4 pouches will fit nicely into a small package for the £3.20 shipping cost.