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ISO Gourmet BBQ Burger from Luncheon Muncheon

The Story of
Luncheon Muncheon


Behind the scenes of Luncheon Muncheon, is myself, Simon Burt. I am passionate about the low and slow American style BBQ style cooking which has been the inspiration behind Luncheon Muncheon.

I had been cooking seriously for over 20 years but when I came across an online BBQ community in 2015 and everything changed. I didn’t know it at the time but what I had stumbled across would change how I approach food and cooking outside forever.


After purchasing my first bullet smoker in May 2016, I became totally immersed in the art of outdoor cooking and in particular, the low and slow American style of BBQ as well as classic grilling techniques with meat, fish and veg.

Bringing BBQ Street Food
to Hampshire & Surrey

2020 was the year that really caught us by surprise and for me it proved to be a difficult one to get to grips with. However, I ran my first local market stall in February of this year and sold out. And again in March. And then CV19 put a stop to that. But as the year progressed and a different way of life emerged by necessity, I took the bull by the proverbial horns and went into Project ISO, cooking and delivering hot food from my driveway at home.


With the encouragement and support from a good many people, the food business that is Luncheon Muncheon has proved to be a massive hit in my local community and I continue to look for new and exciting ways to bring my food, ethos and passion to the world in the hope that whilst many things in our world cause friction and sadness, maybe food can reunite us in some small way and make things a little better for all.

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