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Please note, following a risk assessment of operating a gas fryer in the gazebo in bad weather, we are running Weds evening service from the driveway until further notice - 36 The West Hundreds. Once this issue has been resolved we will be back at The Key!


ISO Burger - £6 (Add bacon +£1)

125g aged beef patty, double cheese, lettuce, gherkins, tomato, burger sauce, served in a toasted brioche bun

ISO Double - £7.5 (Add bacon +£1)

The awesome ISO Burger but with a double patty, fully cheesed up!

Munchkin Burger - £5 (Add cheese +50p)

Plain burger patty with tomato ketchup in a toasted brioche bun

SmashDog - £6 (Add bacon +£1) (Add P/Pork +£1)

An original recipe maple bbq sausage mix pressed into a 125g patty. We're serving this classic and dirty with cheese, fried onions, mustard and ketchup in a toasted brioche bun.

Pulled Pork - £6 

The ever popular pulled pork is back this week and I'm expecting it to sell fast as we sold out the other week! Usual toasted brioche with bbq sauce, vinegar slaw and a load of pulled pork.

Shredded Jack - £6 

The stunning vegetarian equivalent to pulled pork, this is given the same loving treatment using our own BBQ seasoning and served in the usual toasted brioche* with bbq sauce, vinegar slaw and a load of the shredded jackfruit. *(plain bun available on preorders before 5pm)

Loaded Burger - £8 

The ISO Burger is made even more awesome by adding a portion of pulled pork on top. It's insanely good and a big mouthful!

The Hotty Botty - £7

The awesome ISO burger but with chipotle sauce, spicy mexican cheese and cheeky roquito peppers. It ain't lava but you might want to make morning arrangements...

Add chips to make it a meal - £2


Portion of chips - £2.50

Text your name, order and pickup time to 07922 094842



"The Korean Chicken was absolutely delicious. Nice heat from the chicken and a nice crunchy funky kimchi. Forget the sausage roll shop, order fromLuncheon Muncheon - you won’t be disapppointed”



“Shout out to all the small businesses rocking it in these tough times. Luncheon Muncheon - your burgers were AMAZING! You have made a heavily pregnant lady very happy!”



"“Your boerewors was delicious, the 4 of us demolished it in a heartbeat and we all loved it - thank you”